[Pacemaker] Stonithd segfaulting and causing unclean?

Michał Margula alchemyx at uznam.net.pl
Fri Mar 21 04:20:46 EDT 2014

W dniu 21.03.2014 02:08, Andrew Beekhof pisze:
> First step is looking at the logs for any errors.
> Second is producing a stack trace from the crash.
> Third is reading http://blog.clusterlabs.org/blog/2014/potential-for-data-corruption-in-pacemaker-1-dot-1-6-through-1-dot-1-9/ and getting a newer version.


Thank you for your quick reply. I think I will first try upgrading to
1.1.10 from Debian testing and see if it happens again.

There was nothing unusual in logs, except that segfault. And it seems
that it caused unclean on both nodes because they showed up almost instant.

I will scheudle a maintenance window in just few days and test
everything. If newer version also fails I will produce stack tracke.

Thank you!

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