[Pacemaker] pcs available on debian wheezy?

Chris Feist cfeist at redhat.com
Wed Mar 19 17:09:12 EDT 2014

On 03/19/2014 09:17 AM, Vladimir wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> does anybody know if there is pcs already available on debian wheezy?
> I first tried to ask on debian-ha-maintainers (subject: crmsh and pcs on
> wheezy) but maybe that's not the right list to address this question.
> I asked myself if it makes sense to already switch to pcs on wheezy (if
> possible at all).

There currently isn't a debian pcs package although you should be able to 
download the source from here: https://github.com/feist/pcs/archive/master.tar.gz

Let me know if you run into any issues and we can get them fixed.

I'm planning on getting a debian & ubuntu package built for pcs in the upcoming 
few months, but I haven't had a chance yet.


> Is it possible to first use crmsh and later to switch to pcs? Is the
> actual cib the same and crmsh and pcs are only different frontends (like
> cibadmin)?
> Thanks in advance.
> Kind regards
> Vladimir
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