[Pacemaker] pacemaker RHEL6 with cman

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Mon Mar 17 19:02:05 EDT 2014

On 17 Mar 2014, at 11:26 pm, Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca.cecchi at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 12:19 AM, Alex Samad - Yieldbroker wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am in the process of migrating away from the pcmk plugin for corosync and converting to cman.
>> So from what I gather its
>> Pacemaker -> cman -> corosync
>> Can I still configure corosync with /etc/corosync/corosync.conf
>> I want to change from multicast to udpu or is there a way to do that from crm or pcs ?
>> Alex
> Hello,
> is this for targeting the long run or for RHEL 6 itself?
> I ask because I found that in RH EL 7 beta docs it seems that actually
> cman is out completely and there is again corosync... ;-)

Even with "cman" you're still using corosync, just in a particular way.
Essentially cman is just a corosync plugin that exposes a specific API.

By having pacemaker use the cman API on RHEL6 we were able to minimise the support overhead (since all the testing they do for rgmanager still applied), which is what made it possible for pacemaker to become supported prior to RHEL7.

> https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7-Beta/html/High_Availability_Add-On_Reference/s1-configfileoverview-HAAR.html
> So one of the reasons for CMAN integration to be better adopted in
> RHEL systems is not there any more....

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