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David Vossel dvossel at redhat.com
Thu Mar 13 15:57:28 EDT 2014

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> Subject: [Pacemaker] drbd + lvm
> Hi list,
> I am having troubles with pacemaker and lvm and stacked drbd resources.
> The system consists of 2 Ubuntu 12 LTS servers, each having two partitions of
> an underlying raid 1+0 as volume group with one LV each as a drbd backing
> device. The purpose is for usage with VMs and adjusting needed disk space
> flexible, so on top of the drbd resources there are LVs for each VM.
> I created a stack with LCMC, which is like:
> DRBD->LV->libvirt and
> DRBD->LV->Filesystem->lxc
> The problem now: the system has "hickups" - when VM01 runs on HOST01 (being
> primary DRBD) and HOST02 is restarting, lvm is reloaded (at boot time) and
> the LVs are being activated. This of course results in an error, the log
> entry:
> Mar 13 17:58:42 host01 pengine: [27563]: ERROR: native_create_actions:
> Resource res_LVM_1 (ocf::LVM) is active on 2 nodes attempting recovery
> Therefore, as configured, the resource is stopped and started again (on only
> one node). Thus, all VMs and containers relying on this are also restared.
> When I disable the LVs that use the DRBD resource at boot (lvm.conf:
> volume_list only containing the VG from the partitions of the raidsystem) a
> reboot of the secondary does not restart the VMs running on the primary.
> However, if the primary goes down (e.g. power interruption), the secondary
> cannot activate the LVs of the VMs because they are not in the list of
> lvm.conf to be activated.
> Has anyone had this issue and resolved it? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Yep, i've hit this as well. Use the latest LVM agent. I already fixed all of this.


Keep your volume_list the way it is and use the 'exclusive=true' LVM option.   This will allow the LVM agent to activate volumes that don't exist in the volume_list.

Hope that helps

-- Vossel

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