[Pacemaker] Hawk session ends after start or stop action

Schaefer, Diane E diane.schaefer at unisys.com
Tue Mar 4 08:59:25 EST 2014

Hi Lars,

>>   I am running pacemaker on SLES 11 SP3 and have applied the update package released in December.  The hawk level is 0.6.1-0.11.1 and lighttpd is 1.4.20-2.52.1 . When I log into hawk using firefox, google chrome or IE 9 all with the hacluster userid.  I can view my cluster definition, but I cannot perform any actions without my web session ending.  The action does get submitted OK.  One of my systems is running hawk 0.6.1-0.7.11 and lighttpd-1.4.20-2.46.10  and I don't seem to have the issue.

>>This is a bit strange, but it's possible that you are hitting a real bug

in hawk somewhere.

>>Can you please take this log, and a hb_report from the offending

cluster, and open a support call? Then we can investigate properly.

I rebooted the system and then my hawk sessions no longer close.  I had originally configured my cluster without hawk support and then started it via /etc/init.d/hawk start.  I also turned on the chkconfig bit at this time.  I suspect not everything that is needed was started before my reboot or I'm not starting hawk correctly?  I have many clusters up in my test lab,  is there some process to check to see if it's running before I reboot?

Diane Schaefer
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