[Pacemaker] crmd internal error during failover

Drapeau, Mathieu mathieu.drapeau at intel.com
Thu Mar 20 12:57:32 EDT 2014

>From pacemaker 1.1.8-7 from EL6, crmd died unexpected generating this logs during a failover:

crmd[10419]:    error: crmd_node_update_complete: Node update 79 failed: Timer expired (-62)
crmd[10419]:    error: do_log: FSA: Input I_ERROR from crmd_node_update_complete() received in state S_IDLE
crmd[10419]:   notice: do_state_transition: State transition S_IDLE -> S_RECOVERY [ input=I_ERROR cause=C_FSA_INTERNAL origin=crmd_node_update_complete ]
crmd[10419]:  warning: do_recover: Fast-tracking shutdown in response to errors
crmd[10419]:  warning: do_election_vote: Not voting in election, we're in state S_RECOVERY
crmd[10419]:    error: do_log: FSA: Input I_TERMINATE from do_recover() received in state S_RECOVERY
crmd[10419]:   notice: lrm_state_verify_stopped: Stopped 0 recurring operations at shutdown (2 ops remaining)
crmd[10419]:   notice: lrm_state_verify_stopped: Recurring action testfs-MDT0000_6cda68:21 (testfs-MDT0000_6cda68_monitor_5000) incomplete at shutdown
crmd[10419]:   notice: lrm_state_verify_stopped: Recurring action MGS_f055b7:30 (MGS_f055b7_monitor_5000) incomplete at shutdown
crmd[10419]:    error: lrm_state_verify_stopped: 3 resources were active at shutdown.
crmd[10419]:   notice: do_lrm_control: Disconnected from the LRM
crmd[10419]:   notice: terminate_cs_connection: Disconnecting from Corosync
corosync[10370]:   [pcmk  ] info: pcmk_ipc_exit: Client crmd (conn=0x2589f40, async-conn=0x2589f40) left
crmd[10419]:    error: crmd_fast_exit: Could not recover from internal error
pacemakerd[10408]:    error: pcmk_child_exit: Child process crmd (10419) exited: Generic Pacemaker error (201)
pacemakerd[10408]:   notice: pcmk_process_exit: Respawning failed child process: crmd

What could have happened and how to avoid crmd to die?


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