[Pacemaker] Enabling pacemaker debug logging while running

Andreas Mock andreas.mock at web.de
Thu Mar 20 08:24:06 EDT 2014

Hi all,

today I faced a problem which I couldn't solve reading
several man pages and other found hint on the web.

I have a clone of RHEL 6.5, cman based cluster and 
pacemaker 1.1.10+. I was able to change the value
debug="on" in cluster.conf as described in the man page.
I was able to propagate this change with 'cman_tool -r -S version'.
The result was, that I could see debug messages from
the corosync layer, vut not from pacemaker and agents.

What do I have to do to enable debug logging of pacemaker at
runtime? (And how can I switch it off afterwards?)

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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