[Pacemaker] Pacemaker and ldirectord with centos 6.5

Luc Paulin paulinster at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 13:04:26 EDT 2014

Has anyone setup a centos 6.5 LVS with ldirectord and pacemaker. Look like
I can't find the ldirectord package

[root at fwpci-01 ~]# yum search ldirector
Warning: No matches found for: ldirector
No Matches found

Am I missing something?   I use to setup ldirectord on a on a centos 5.8, I
had installed the pacakge heartbeat-ldirectord. But now look like it
doesn't exist on 6.5.

Thanx for pointing me to the right direction on setting up a load balancer
(LVS) with pacemaker


                       ( o o )
   Luc Paulin
   email: paulinster(at)gmail.com
   Skype: paulinster
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