[Pacemaker] Alternative communication engine to corosync (etcd/consul/zookeeper/doozerd)

Patrick Hemmer pacemaker at feystorm.net
Sun Jun 29 00:45:06 EDT 2014

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> IF someone else implemented such a thing I would be happy to look at including support for it.
> But knowing what I do about the "joy" that went into writing CPG, there is no way that someone is going to be me.
>>>> I think pacemaker might be able to use a key/value store natively.
>> But I wouldn't even bother with hacking a KVS into something like CPG if it's not needed. I would do it such that the CIB is stored as keys and values natively. I would even think this is more efficient. I'm not sure how the CIB is transmitted between nodes, but I think it easiest to just set a single key when you want to update something like a resource's last-rc-change value.
> CPG is used for a lot more that just keeping the CIB in sync.
> I did look at some other KVP stores late last year for the CIB, but I was able to get O(2) speedup without it.

Does this mean you had something working, even just partially? If so, do
you still have that code around?
I might be interested in taking a look at this, and having a starting
point would be helpful.

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