[Pacemaker] co-location of STONITH resources

Riccardo Murri riccardo.murri at uzh.ch
Wed Jun 25 16:50:24 EDT 2014


On 25 June 2014 18:45, Riccardo Murri <riccardo.murri at uzh.ch> wrote:
> We would like to co-locate STONITH with a functional ethernet
> interface on the IPMI network (`eth0.617`).  So we have the following
> rules::
> [...]
> However, STONITH resources appear as "Stopped", and `crm_simulate`
> says they cannot be located anywhere::
> [...]
> What are we doing wrong?

It turns out that the definition of the STONITH resources had a typo
in the `login=...` parameter, so Pacemaker could never run `ipmi power
status` and thus the resources were not started.

The co-location lines apparently run just fine.  (I had to add a
further location constraint to avoid a host running its own STONITH.)


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