[Pacemaker] Decreasing failover time when running DRBD+OCFS2+XEN in dual primary mode

Alexis de BRUYN alexis.mailinglist at de-bruyn.fr
Fri Jun 13 04:15:02 EDT 2014

On 13.06.2014 05:25, kamal kishi wrote:
> And Alexis, I'm not facing any issue while putting node to standby mode.
> I'm using DRBD 8.3.11 (apt-get install drbd8-utils=2:8.3.11-0ubuntu1)
> Had to force the download to particular version as the current
> download/patch is not compatible with pacemaker.
> You too try to install 8.3.11 and check once, all the best
Thanks Kamal for your answer. Can you show me your drbd conf please.

Alexis de BRUYN

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