[Pacemaker] Blind Faith still fencing unseen nodes

Jason Hendry jhendry at mintel.com
Fri Jun 13 07:21:52 EDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, please let me know if I am missing any
standard/essential information to help with debugging...

I have a 2-node cluster with node-level fencing.  The cluster appears to be
configured with "Blind Faith" but my nodes are still killing each other if
the host is up but the cluster is not running on it, to produce this I:

Power-on both nodes
Stop the cluster on both node [pcs cluster stop]
Start the cluster on a single node  [pcs cluster start]

After starting the cluster I get this message the cluster logs:

Jun 13 09:59:48 [15756] dev-drbd01.london.mintel.ad    pengine:  warning:
unpack_nodes: Blind faith: not fencing unseen nodes
Jun 13 09:59:48 [15756] dev-drbd01.london.mintel.ad    pengine:     info:
determine_online_status_fencing: Node ha-nfs1 is active
Jun 13 09:59:48 [15756] dev-drbd01.london.mintel.ad    pengine:     info:
determine_online_status: Node ha-nfs1 is online
Jun 13 09:59:48 [15756] dev-drbd01.london.mintel.ad    pengine:  warning:
pe_fence_node: Node ha-nfs2 will be fenced because the peer has not been
seen by the cluster

Am I miss-understanding the meaning of "Blind faith" or is something
mis-configured?  Both my nodes are:

Centos 6.5 (Final)  (uname -a:  Linux dev-drbd01.london.mintel.ad
2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed May 7 23:32:49 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64
x86_64 GNU/Linu
pacemakerd --version  (  Pacemaker 1.1.10-14.el6_5.3  )

Here is my cluster configuration:

pcs resource create nfsDRBD       ocf:linbit:drbd
drbd_resource=nfs op monitor interval=8s meta migration-thresholds=0
pcs resource create nfsLVM        ocf:heartbeat:LVM
volgrpname="vg_drbd" op monitor interval=7s meta migration-thresholds=0
pcs resource create nfsDir        ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem
 device=/dev/vg_drbd/lv_nfs_home directory=/data/nfs/home fstype=ext4
run_fsck=force op monitor interval=6s meta migration-thresholds=0
pcs resource create nfsService    lsb:nfs op monitor        interval=5s
meta migration-thresholds=0
pcs resource create nfsIP         ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2     ip=a.b.c.d
cidr_netmask=32 op monitor interval=9s meta migration-thresholds=0
pcs resource create network_ping  ocf:pacemaker:ping
 name=network_ping multiplier=5 host_list="a.b.c.d w.x.y.z" attempts=3
timeout=1 failure_score=10 op monitor interval=4s
pcs resource clone  network_ping                            op meta

pcs resource master nfsDRBD_ms nfsDRBD master-max=1 master-node-max=1
clone-max=2 clone-node-max=1 notify=true target-role=Started is-managed=true
pcs resource group add nfsGroup nfsLVM nfsDir nfsService nfsIP

pcs constraint order promote nfsDRBD_ms then start nfsGroup kind=Mandatory
pcs constraint order stop nfsGroup then demote nfsDRBD_ms kind=Optional
pcs constraint colocation add nfsGroup with master nfsDRBD_ms INFINITY

pcs property set no-quorum-policy=ignore
pcs property set expected-quorum-votes=1
pcs property set stonith-enabled=true
pcs property set default-resource-stickiness=200
pcs property set batch-limit=1
pcs property set startup-fencing=false

pcs stonith create ha-nfs1_poweroff fence_virsh action=off ipaddr=a.b.c.d
login=stonith secure=yes identity_file=/data/stonith_id_rsa
port=dev-drbd01.london pcmk_host_map="ha-nfs1:dev-drbd01.london" op meta
pcs stonith create ha-nfs2_poweroff fence_virsh action=off ipaddr=w.x.y.z
login=stonith secure=yes identity_file=/data/stonith_id_rsa
port=dev-drbd02.london pcmk_host_map="ha-nfs2:dev-drbd02.london" op meta

pcs stonith level add 1 ha-nfs1 ha-nfs1_poweroff
pcs stonith level add 1 ha-nfs2 ha-nfs2_poweroff

pcs constraint location ha-nfs1_poweroff prefers ha-nfs1=-INFINITY
pcs constraint location ha-nfs2_poweroff prefers ha-nfs2=-INFINITY
pcs constraint location nfsDRBD rule role=Master defined network_ping

Jason H

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