[Pacemaker] Announce: SNMP agent for pacemaker

Michael Schwartzkopff ms at sys4.de
Thu Jan 30 04:32:20 EST 2014

Am Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014, 10:16:35 schrieb Rainer Brestan:
> I have got the SNMP subagent from pacemaker-mgmt 2.1.2 working with corosync
> 2.3 and pacemaker 1.1.10. Some modification are implemented because of
> wrong attach method to CIB and one nasty bug, where hbagent crashes, when
> it does not find an operation on parsing a change. As for all versions of
> hbagent with corosync it provides only the resource table of LINUX-HA MIB,
> but not the node tabel Also i have created a very simple resource agent for
> hbagent to manage it as cluster resource (monitor method looks for SNMP
> result, so it can detect hanging hbagent, but still needs improvement).
> When attaching a cluster IP address to this resource, cluster resources can
> be monitored through this address as long as resource is running anywhere.
> The plan is (when i find time to do) to integrate the SNMP table part
> (which works quite well) of this agent into crm_mon with an option, to let
> crm_mon (when running as daemon) attaching to SNMP through AgentX. Rainer

Yes. I know about that agent and it was quite useful when I used heartbeat, a 
long time ago.

But I did not find it useful in corosync environments. So I created my own 
agent that provides all nescessary information for monitoring. Basically you 
only need the number of online nodes and the sum of all failure counters.

But the idea to integrate a SNMP Agent part into the crm_mon is interesting. 
But this is much more difficult than a simple perl subagent. But help is 
welcome. Funding also ;-)


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