[Pacemaker] New fence Agent for Proxmox VE

Frank Brendel Frank.Brendel at eurolog.com
Tue Jan 28 11:21:45 EST 2014

Am 28.01.2014 15:45, schrieb Digimer:
> On 28/01/14 09:07 AM, Frank Brendel wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I've written a fence agent for the Proxmox Virtual Environment to fence
>> virtual Pacemaker nodes, similar to fence_vmware.
>> I'd like to contribute it but I don't know who is responsible.
>> Thanks
>> Frank
> Assuming you've released it under a GPL-like license, you can simply 
> paste the link to the repo here. If there is no repo, then attach it 
> here.
> Cheers

What did you mean with 'here'?
Post it as attachment to the list?

Sorry, I have no experience with this.


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