[Pacemaker] crm_resource -L not trustable right after restart

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Wed Jan 15 16:35:28 EST 2014

On 16 Jan 2014, at 6:53 am, Brian J. Murrell (brian) <brian at interlinx.bc.ca> wrote:

> On Wed, 2014-01-15 at 17:11 +1100, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
>> Consider any long running action, such as starting a database.
>> We do not update the CIB until after actions have completed, so there can and will be times when the status section is out of date to one degree or another.
> But that is the opposite of what I am reporting

I know, I was giving you another example of when the cib is not completely up-to-date with reality.

> and is acceptable.  It's
> acceptable for a resource that is in the process of starting being
> reported as stopped, because it's not yet started.

It may very well be partially started.  Its almost certainly not stopped which is what is being reported.

> What I am seeing is resources being reported as stopped when they are in
> fact started/running and have been for a long time.
>> At node startup is another point at which the status could potentially be behind.
> Right.  Which is the case I am talking about.
>> It sounds to me like you're trying to second guess the cluster, which is a dangerous path.
> No, not trying to second guess at all.

You're not using the output to decide whether to perform some logic?
Because crm_mon is the more usual command to run right after startup (which would give you enough context to know things are still syncing).

>  I'm just trying to ask the
> cluster what the state is and not getting the truth.  I am willing to
> believe whatever state the cluster says it's in as long as what I am
> getting is the truth.
>> What if its the first node to start up?
> I'd think a timeout comes in to play here.
>> There'd be no fresh copy to arrive in that case.
> I can't say that I know how the CIB works internally/entirely, but I'd
> imagine that when a cluster node starts up it tries to see if there is a
> more fresh CIB out there in the cluster.


>  Maybe this is part of the
> process of choosing/discovering a DC.

DC election happens at the crmd.  The cib is a dumb repository of name/value pairs.
It doesn't even understand new vs. old - only different. 

>  But ultimately if the node is the
> first one up, it will eventually figure that out so that it can nominate
> itself as the DC.  Or it finds out that there is a DC already (and gets
> a fresh CIB from it?).  It's during that window that I propose that
> crm_resource should not be asserting anything and should just admit that
> it does not (yet) know.
>> If it had enough information to know it was out of date, it wouldn't be out of date.
> But surely it understands if it is in the process of joining a cluster
> or not, and therefore does know enough to know that it doesn't know if
> it's out of date or not.

And if it has a newer config compared to the existing nodes?

>  But that it could be.
>> As above, there are situations when you'd never get an answer.
> I should have added to my proposal "or has determined that there is
> nothing to refresh it's CIB from" and that it's local copy is
> authoritative for the whole cluster.
> b.
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