[Pacemaker] Manual fence confirmation by stonith_admin doesn't work again.

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Sun Jan 12 22:58:45 EST 2014

On 10 Jan 2014, at 3:54 pm, Nikita Staroverov <nsforth at gmail.com> wrote:

>>>> There is no-one to tell yet.
>>>> We have to wait for cman to decide something needs fencing before pacemaker can perform the notification.
>>> if I get you right i need own fencing agent that doing manual confirmed fence action with cman+pacemaker configurations, do i?
>> No.  Manual fencing confirmations can only work after CMAN asks for the node to be fenced.  You can't tell it in advance.
> I'll try to explain my problem again. :)
> in my test setup cluster member  was manually powered off by me and fence device was powered off too.
> crm_mon shows host as offline unclean.
> cman shows that host needs fencing and try to do that by fence_pcmk.
> Fence agent in pacemaker can't do that because fence device is unreacheable.
> i do stonith_admin -C for node. After that crm_mon shows host as offline. cman tries to do fencing indefinitly.
> I think pacemaker doesn't notify cman that fencing was confirmed by sysadmin.

Code seems to be trying to...
Do you see any logs from tengine_stonith_notify after you run stonith_admin?

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