[Pacemaker] constraint colocation or resource group

Luc Paulin paulinster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 14:54:49 EST 2014

Thanx for the syntax, however it does not seem to work.
When I try it, it immediately return the help syntax menu, as if the
command not suported.

[root at fwcorp-01 (NEW FW HOST) ~]$pcs constraint colocation set vip_v253_178
vip_v253_179 vip_v253

Usage: pcs constraint [constraints]...
Manage resource constraints


The only possible syntax look to be:
pcs constraint colocation [show [all]]
pcs constraint colocation add <source resource> <target resource> [score]
pcs constraint colocation rm <source resource> <target resource>

I found the following link that refer to the constraint colocation set (
however there's no reference to the pcs command

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2014/1/2 Chris Feist <cfeist at redhat.com>

> On 01/02/2014 10:37 AM, Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:
>> On 2014-01-02T11:22:01, Luc Paulin <paulinster at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  That make sense to use the colocation. So I guess that I should define a
>>> "master" resource and tell each other resource that they should colocated
>>> on the same node at the "master" resource.
>> You could also use a resource set to achieve this, but I don't know the
>> pcs syntax for it.
> You can create a resource set with pcs like this:
> pcs constraint colocation set resourceA resourceB ...
> Thanks!
> Chris
>> Regards,
>>      Lars
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