[Pacemaker] pacemaker on different subnet machines

Parveen Jain parveenjain at live.com
Fri Jan 24 08:55:35 EST 2014

Hi All,  Can there be any problem if we install pacemaker/corosync on different subnets(for a simple two machine setup cluster) ?I installed my pacemaker for machine and another one on But when I run "pcs status", both the nodes shows "himself" as online and "peer node: as offline ?
I had not yet configured any particular services yet. Just installed the pacemaker/corosync on RHEL6.5 with folloiwng commands:
[ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --createcluster pacemaker1  [ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addnode node1 [ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addnode node2
[ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addfencedev pcmk agent=fence_pcmk  [ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addmethod pcmk-redirect node1 [ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addmethod pcmk-redirect node2  [ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addfenceinst pcmk node1 pcmk-redirect port=node1 ONE] # ccs -f /etc/cluster/cluster.conf --addfenceinst pcmk node2 pcmk-redirect port=node2
[ALL] # echo "CMAN_QUORUM_TIMEOUT=0" >> /etc/sysconfig/cman

 [ALL] # service cman start [ALL] # service pacemaker start
[ONE] # pcs property set stonith-enabled=false[ONE] # pcs property set no-quorum-policy=ignore
and after these steps, I run "pcs status" which is giving me this problem.
(both machines are pinging well with each other and there is no issue with the connectivity)
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