[Pacemaker] Get group behaviour with Master slave or clones envolved

Néstor C. xalabin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 06:50:51 EST 2014


When you need that some primitives switch in block you can use a group.

There is a manner to get this when you have a clone or a master/slave

For example:

Imagine a drbd disk (DR), a filesystem over ti (FS) and a service over all
The first one is a ms resource, and the other, primitives.

The colocation rules are:
colocation fs_on_dr inf: FS DR:Master
colocation srv_on_fs inf: SRV FS

The order rules are:
order fs_after_dr inf: DR:promote FS:start
order srv_after_fs inf: FS:start SRV:start

How can switch the entire cluster to other node if SRV fails? (like if all
was in a group)

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