[Pacemaker] WARN: mysql:monitor process (PID 21347) timed out (try 2)

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at cubewerk.de
Mon Jan 20 04:54:18 EST 2014

Hi Folks,

we're running a pacemaker/openais cluster for a webserver with databases in an active/passive setup with 2 nodes on debian 6.0

Unfortunately this is a "closed environment" so we are quite limited in regard to version updates.

Close to midnight, a backup-script is running - this seems to be the reason for the timeouts due to high load.

Even though the load is relaxed a few minutes later, some of the ressources become failed and hence are not running:

postgresql#011(lsb:postgresql):#011Started host41.my.network FAILED

Here is the log-file:


Maybe somebody see the obvious and can bring some light into this.

thank you


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