[Pacemaker] rsync of ha-clustering repo?

Lists lists at benjamindsmith.com
Thu Jan 16 21:13:09 EST 2014

We'd like to keep our own copy of the repo repo at the below URL so that 
we can test/certify updates
to our (private network only) database servers prior to roll out.

Typically I'd use rsync as the least intrusive way to do this, is there 
a recommended procedure for setting up a private copy of the 
ha-clustering repo? EG: http://centos.org/download/mirrors/  rsync link 
to the right. It doesn't appear that rsync is enabled on 
download.opensuse.org, nmap -p 873 download.opensuse.org
returns port closed.

We're a RedHat shop and are only interested in x86_64.




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