[Pacemaker] [Enhancement] Change of the "globally-unique" attribute of the resource.

renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Jan 14 03:26:37 EST 2014

Hi All,

When a user changes the "globally-unique" attribute of the resource, a problem occurs.

When it manages the resource with PID file, this occurs, but this is because PID file name changes by "globally-unique" attribute.

if [ ${OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_globally_unique} = "false" ]; then
    : ${OCF_RESKEY_pidfile:="$HA_VARRUN/ping-${OCF_RESKEY_name}"}

The problem can reappear in the following procedure.

* Step1: Started a resource.
primitive prmPingd ocf:pacemaker:pingd \
        params name="default_ping_set" host_list="" multiplier="200" \
        op start interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op monitor interval="10s" timeout="60s" on-fail="restart" \
        op stop interval="0s" timeout="60s" on-fail="ignore"
clone clnPingd prmPingd

* Step2: Change "globally-unique" attribute.

[root]# crm configure edit
clone clnPingd prmPingd \
    meta clone-max="2" clone-node-max="2" globally-unique="true"

* Step3: Stop Pacemaker

But, the resource does not stop because PID file was changed as for the changed resource of the "globally-unique" attribute.

I think that this is a known problem.

I wish this problem is solved in the future

Best Regards,
Hideo Yamauchi.

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