[Pacemaker] constraint colocation or resource group

Luc Paulin paulinster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 09:49:40 EST 2014

Hi Everyone,
First I want to wish everyone an happy new year.

I am trying figure out in which case I should be using a constraint
colocation or the resource group. At the end it look that both will result
in the same result, the resource will be running on the same host.

As an example I am currently configuring a two node firewall. Therefore the
only resource that will need to be running are VIP, BGP/Routing service,
Firewall, IPSec/VPN.

So which of the 2 commands is preferred to be use to have all service
running on the same server.


                       ( o o )
   Luc Paulin
   email: paulinster(at)gmail.com
   Skype: paulinster
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