[Pacemaker] node1 fencing itself after node2 being fenced

Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at redhat.com
Wed Feb 19 03:39:42 EST 2014

On 2/18/2014 9:24 PM, Asgaroth wrote:
>> Just a guess. Do you have startup fencing enabled in dlm-controld (I actually
>> do not remember if it is applicable to cman's version, but it exists in dlm-4) or
>> cman?
>> If yes, then that may play its evil game, because imho it is not intended to
>> use with pacemaker which has its own startup fencing policy (if you redirect
>> fencing to pacemaker).
> I can't seem to find the option to enable/disable startup fencing in either dlm_controld or cman.

3 things:

1) add <logging debug="on"/> to cluster.conf
2) reproduce the issue
3) collect sosreports and/or crm_reports and send them over.
   if security/privacy is a concern, send them privately to me and

The thread has gone for a while with many different suggestions, but
there is a lot of confusion around rhel6/7, agents/init and so on.

Just to remove some of the misconceptions:

clvmd in RHEL6 is only supported via init script.
dlm config should not be changed to avoid fencing at startup.

There are other timers involved on clvmd startup that are directly
related to the storage. We might be hitting those ones. No logs, no help.

At this point, in 6, pacemaker is not involved if not for fencing


clvmd/dlm will be/are managed _only_ by pacemaker as resources. This
integration is only 99.9% done. We recently discovered 3 corner cases
that needs fixing via the agents that David V. is pushing around (after
all 7 is not released yet ;))


> "dlm_controld -h" doesn’t list an option to enable/disable start up fencing.
> I had a quick read of the cman man page and I also don’t see any option mentioning startup fencing.
> Would you mind pointing me in the direction of the parameter to disable this in cman/dlm_controld please.
> PS: I am redirecting all fencing operations to pacemaker using the following directive:
> 	<method name="pcmk-redirect">

> Thanks
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