[Pacemaker] node1 fencing itself after node2 being fenced

David Vossel dvossel at redhat.com
Tue Feb 18 15:01:15 EST 2014

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> 18.02.2014 19:49, Asgaroth wrote:
> >> i sometimes have the same situation. sleep ~30 seconds between startup
> >> cman and clvmd helps a lot.
> >>
> > 
> > Thanks for the tip, I just tried this (added sleep 30 in the start
> > section of case statement in cman script, but this did not resolve the
> > issue for me), for some reason clvmd just refuses to start, I don’t see
> > much debugging errors shooting up, so I cannot say for sure what clvmd
> > is trying to do :(

I actually just made a patch related to this. If you are managing the dlm with pacemaker, you'll want to use this patch. It disables startup fencing in the dlm and has pacemaker perform the fencing instead. The agent checks the startup fencing condition, so you'll need that bit as well instead of just disabling startup fencing in the dlm.

-- Vossel

> Just a guess. Do you have startup fencing enabled in dlm-controld (I
> actually do not remember if it is applicable to cman's version, but it
> exists in dlm-4) or cman?
> If yes, then that may play its evil game, because imho it is not
> intended to use with pacemaker which has its own startup fencing policy
> (if you redirect fencing to pacemaker).
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