[Pacemaker] Resource Agents in OpenVZ containers

Tomasz Kontusz tomasz.kontusz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 20:57:50 EST 2014

emmanuel segura <emi2fast at gmail.com> napisał:
>i think, if you use pacemaker_remote inside the container, the
>will be a normal node of you cluster, so you can run pgsql + vip in it
Right. I didn't want to do it like this, as the containers are not accessible from outside the cluster (they are in separate subnet), and i wanted to avoid nodes acting as routers.

A related question is how to set anti-colocation by HW node (so I'll have database master and apps on different nodes if possible)?

>2014-02-15 19:40 GMT+01:00 Tomasz Kontusz <tomasz.kontusz at gmail.com>:
>> Hi
>> I'm setting up a cluster which will use OpenVZ containers for
>> resource's environments.
>> So far I see it like this:
>>  * each node runs Pacemaker
>>  * each container runs pacemaker_remote, and one kind of resource
>> there might be multiple containers providing the same resource)
>>  * containers are started with VirtualDomain agent (I had to patch it
>> bit to work around libvirt/OpenVZ issue),
>>    each container resource is node-specific (and constrained to only
>> on the right node)
>> The problem I have is with running pgsql database with virtual IP in
>> setup.
>> I want to have IPaddr2 resource started on the node that holds
>> with current pgsql master.
>> How can I go about achieving something like that?
>> Is the idea of using pacemaker_remote in such setup sensible?
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