[Pacemaker] nfs4 cluster fail-over stops working once I introduce ipaddr2 resource

Dennis Jacobfeuerborn dennisml at conversis.de
Fri Feb 14 00:18:04 EST 2014

On 14.02.2014 02:50, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm still working on my NFSv4 cluster and things are working as
> expected...as long as I don't add an IPAddr2 resource.
> The DRBD, filesystem and exportfs resources work fine and when I put the
> active node into standby everything fails over as expected.
> Once I add a VIP as a IPAddr2 resource however I seem to get monitor
> problems with the p_exportfs_root resource.
> I've attached the configuration, status and a log file.
> The transition status is the status a moment after I take nfs1
> ( offline. It looks like the stopping of p_ip_nfs does
> something to the p_exportfs_root resource although I have no idea what
> that could be.
> The final status is the status after the cluster has settled. The
> fail-over finished but the failed action is still present and cannot be
> cleared with a "crm resource cleanup p_exportfs_root".
> The log is the result of a "tail -f" on the corosync.log from the moment
> before I issued the "crm node standby nfs1" to when the cluster has
> settled.
> Does anybody know what the issue could be here? At first I thought that
> using a VIP from the same network as the cluster nodes could be an issue
> but when I change this to use an IP in a different network
> the same thing happens.
> The moment I remove p_ip_nfs from the configuration again fail-over back
> and forth works without a hitch.

So after a lot of digging I think I pinpointed the issue: A race between 
the monitoring and stop actions of the exportfs resource script.

When "wait_for_leasetime_on_stop" is set the following happens for the 
stop action and in this specific order:

1. The directory is unexported
2. Sleep nfs lease time + 2 seconds

The problem seems to be that during the sleep phase the monitoring 
action is still invoked and since the directory has already been 
unexported it reports a failure.

Once I add enabled="false" to the monitoring action of the exportfs 
resource the problem disappears.

The question is how to ensure that the monitoring action is not called 
while the stop action is still sleeping?

Would it be a solution to create a lock file for the duration of the 
sleep and check for that lock file in the monitoring action?

I'm not 100% sure if this analysis is correct because if monitoring 
calls are still made while the stop action is running this sounds 
inherently racy and would probably be an issue for almost all resource 
scripts not just exportfs.


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