[Pacemaker] node1 fencing itself after node2 being fenced

Asgaroth lists at blueface.com
Fri Feb 7 06:29:46 EST 2014

On 06/02/2014 04:30, Nikita Staroverov wrote:
> Why do you need clvmd as a cluster resource? If you start clvmd 
> outside of a cluster your problem will be no problem at all.

I was running it under pacemaker because it is a neat way of seeing 
dependant services. When I remove dlm/clvmd from pacemaker control, 
then, I cannot immediatly see that the shared file system has a 
dependancy on clvmd and dlm. I guess this is just a personal preference.

However, I was testing dlm/clvmd outside of pacemaker control yesterday 
and my issue still persists, so I am wondering if there is something 
else amiss that I have not uncovered yet. I'm busy gathering logs to 
reply so will get back to it a little later today.

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