[Pacemaker] Restart of resources

Frank Brendel frank.brendel at eurolog.com
Fri Feb 7 04:54:59 EST 2014

> Its somewhat inferred in the description of cluster-recheck-interval
>         cluster-recheck-interval = time [15min]
>             Polling interval for time based changes to options, resource parameters and constraints.
>             The Cluster is primarily event driven, however the configuration can have elements that change based on time. To ensure these changes take effect, we can optionally poll the cluster's status for changes. Allowed values: Zero disables polling. Positive values are an interval in seconds (unless other SI units are specified.
>             eg. 5min)
> the failure-timeout doesn't result in any events on its own, so the reprocessing happens the next time the PE gets kicked by the recheck timer.

On the other hand, does it mean if cluster-recheck-interval is 0 the 
failure-timout is handled only when a cluster event (other resource 
failures, changing configuration etc.) occurs?

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