[Pacemaker] Slave didn't become master after master is down

邓尧 torshie at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 04:58:19 EST 2014

I followed this manual:
except the pcsd installation, as it's unavailable on my CentOS 6.5 box. I
also installed cman, because without it, command "pcs cluster start" would
fail. Two resources were added to the cluster: a DRBD device and a
filesystem resource, the resource setup steps are the same as written in
the manual.

Property "stonith-enabled" was set to false, "no-quorum-policy" was set to

Everything seems to be fine until I tried to test failover:
If I "standby" the master, the slave became master for a very short while
(about one or two seconds), then it become slave, however after I unstandby
the original master, the slave then became a master, and the original
master became slave. The behaviour is illustrated as the graph:

node0(master)  node1(slave)  <== the original state.
node0(slave)  node1(master)   <== after command "pcs cluster standby node0"
node0(stopped) node1(slave)  <== after a short while
node0(slave) node1(master)  <== after command "pcs cluster unstandby node0"

I also tried rebooting the master node, the slave only became master after
the original master is successfully rebooted.
What's most likely cause of my problem ?

Deng Yao
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