[Pacemaker] configuration lost or cib not in sync?

Michael Böhm dudleyperkins at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 04:46:01 EST 2014

Hello everybody,

today i had to stop a 2-node-cluster and bring them back up, but something
did not went as expected. Apparently one of the nodes didn't have an
up-to-date configuration, which was surprising for me as i thought this
would be (coro)synced.
(Nodes are Debian wheezy, pacemaker 1.1.7, corosync 1.4.2)

Here is what i've done:
1. put node1 in standby -> all node1-resources successfully migrated to
2. stopped pacemaker & corosync then shutdown node1
3. all resources were running on node2
4. stopped pacemaker & corosync then shutdown node2

moved the servers and tried to bring them back up:

1. started both servers (pacemaker does not start at startup, but as i
noticed corosync did)
2. started pacemaker on node2 (last active node before shutdown)

and here's the thing -> even though node2 had all resources when it was
stopped, it now came up with only a few of them. The resources, that have
been added in the last month were missing.

Looking at the files in /var/lib/heartbeat/crm/, the last cib was from over
a month ago. As there were more and newer cib-files on node1 i tried my
luck there:

1. stopped pacemaker on node2
2. started pacemaker on node1

Node1 came up with all resources. Then i started pacemaker on node2 again
and quickly there were three "new versions" of cib-files in
/var/lib/heartbeat/crm/ and they were up-to-date.

So everything is good now, but i wonder if i did something wrong or in the
wrong order and how can i be sure the resource-configuration is always in
sync on both nodes?

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