[Pacemaker] Colocation set options (pcs syntax)

Asgaroth lists at blueface.com
Mon Feb 24 09:28:42 EST 2014

Hi All,

I have several resources that depend on a cloned share file system and vip
that need to be up and operational before the resource can start, I was
reading the pacemaker documentation and it looks like colocation sets is
what I am after. I can see in the documentation that you can define a
colocation set and set the sequential option to "true" if you need the
resources to start sequentially, I guess this then becomes an ordered
colocation set which is what I am after, documentation I was reading is


According to the pcs man page I can setup a colocation set as follows:

    colocation set <resource1> <resource2> [resourceN]... [setoptions] ...
               [set <resourceX> <resourceY> ...] [setoptions

However when I run the following command to create the set:

pcs constraint colocation set fs_ldap-clone sftp01-vip ldap1 setoptions

I get an error stating:

Error: Unable to update cib
Call cib_replace failed (-203): Update does not conform to the configured

And then a dump of the current running info base.

Am I reading the man page incorrectly, or is this a bug I need to report?


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