[Pacemaker] moving from corosync.conf to cluster.conf

Parveen Jain parveenjain at live.com
Mon Feb 24 03:18:23 EST 2014

Hi All,

  Following was my problem:

My RHEL 6.3 is using CRM shell and

Wanted to move to RHEL6.5 and hence the
underlying cluster. Also wanted to move to recommended way of using cluster
with CMAN using “cluster.conf”.
(Before executing this document I first upgraded my O/S to RHEL6.5.)

To solve this problem , found following link:


(Also got another link which has more or less same thing
explain in a documented way:


This document is written well and I could execute all of the
commands successfully without disturbing my cluster, but I found some issue
after executing this last line:

crm configure property maintenance-mode=false

After executing this command, I lost my VIP. I need to
execute this upgrade on my production environment and can’t afford to go “offline”
in this way.

Few are my questions to execute this upgrade in a more convenient

What can be the reason of this VIP removal (if
someone has already tested with this approach)?

Is it right approach, if I do directly assign my
VIP (after moving my cluster to maintenance mode) to one of my Ethernet interface
and then run the commands given in this document.

Is not there some command line option to upgrade
from corosync.conf to cluster.conf directly(ideally I felt that we should be
able to generate an ).

How will I move to the usage of “pcs commands”. This
article is given with using “ccs” commands. Shall I assume that once I finish
with “ccs”, I can do rest of my configuration using “pcs” commands.
Regards,Parveen Jain 		 	   		  
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