[Pacemaker] Need help with quickstart of pacemaker on redhat

Ivan ivan.bodunov at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 09:26:37 EST 2014

Andrew Beekhof <andrew at ...> writes:

> On 29/08/2013, at 7:41 PM, Moturi Upendra
> <moturi.upendra at ...> wrote:
> > Please find the attachment
> The problem is that the migration-threshold has been set as a cluster
option rather than a resource default.
> In rhel 6.5 you'll be able to use this command:
>    pcs resource defaults migration-threshold=1
> In 6.4 it is:
>    pcs resource rsc defaults migration-threshold=1
> I'll update the quickstart now.


I guess the quickstart has not been yet updated? It still says "pcs resource
rsc" which fails on 6.5.

Another question about Quickstart. I followed instructions and executed:
[ONE] # pcs property set stonith-enabled=false
[ONE] # pcs property set no-quorum-policy=ignore 

Then I checked "pcs property" on each node. And I got different results.
Node where "property set" commands were executed printed those values,
another node didn't print those properties at all. Is that how it is
supposed to work?


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