[Pacemaker] Resource Agents in OpenVZ containers

Tomasz Kontusz tomasz.kontusz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 15 13:40:03 EST 2014

I'm setting up a cluster which will use OpenVZ containers for separating 
resource's environments.
So far I see it like this:
  * each node runs Pacemaker
  * each container runs pacemaker_remote, and one kind of resource (but 
there might be multiple containers providing the same resource)
  * containers are started with VirtualDomain agent (I had to patch it a 
bit to work around libvirt/OpenVZ issue),
    each container resource is node-specific (and constrained to only 
run on the right node)

The problem I have is with running pgsql database with virtual IP in 
such setup.
I want to have IPaddr2 resource started on the node that holds container 
with current pgsql master.
How can I go about achieving something like that?
Is the idea of using pacemaker_remote in such setup sensible?

Tomasz Kontusz

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