[Pacemaker] Announcing Pacemaker v1.1.11

David Vossel dvossel at redhat.com
Thu Feb 13 12:26:39 EST 2014

I am excited to announce the release of Pacemaker v1.1.11


There were no changes between the final release and rc5.

This has been a very successful release process.  I'm proud of the testing
and contributions the community put into this release.  Thank you all for
your support, this community is great :D

Looking forward to Pacemaker 1.1.12, we have a lot of new functionality on
the horizon. Scaling pacemaker from a dozen or so nodes to hundreds possibly
thousands of nodes is a very real and attainable goal for us this year.  An
announcement about 1.1.12 features and beta testing should arrive in the next
few months.

If you are a user of `pacemaker_remoted`, you should take the time to read 
about changes to the online wire protocol that are present in this release.

To build `rpm` packages:

1. Clone the current sources:

       # git clone --depth 0 git://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker.git
       # cd pacemaker

2. Install dependancies (if you haven't already)

       [Fedora] # sudo yum install -y yum-utils
       [ALL]        # make rpm-dep

3. Build Pacemaker

       # make release

4. Copy and deploy as needed

## Details - 1.1.11 - final

Changesets: 462
Diff:       147 files changed, 6810 insertions(+), 4057 deletions(-)

## Highlights

### Features added since Pacemaker-1.1.10

  + attrd: A truly atomic version of attrd for use where CPG is used for cluster communication
  + cib: Allow values to be added/updated and removed in a single update
  + cib: Support XML comments in diffs
  + Core: Allow blackbox logging to be disabled with SIGUSR2
  + crmd: Do not block on proxied calls from pacemaker_remoted
  + crmd: Enable cluster-wide throttling when the cib heavily exceeds its target load
  + crmd: Make the per-node action limit directly configurable in the CIB
  + crmd: Slow down recovery on nodes with IO load
  + crmd: Track CPU usage on cluster nodes and slow down recovery on nodes with high CPU/IO load
  + crm_mon: add --hide-headers option to hide all headers
  + crm_node: Display partition output in sorted order
  + crm_report: Collect logs directly from journald if available
  + Fencing: On timeout, clean up the agent's entire process group
  + Fencing: Support agents that need the host to be unfenced at startup
  + ipc: Raise the default buffer size to 128k
  + PE: Add a special attribute for distinguishing between real nodes and containers in constraint rules
  + PE: Allow location constraints to take a regex pattern to match against resource IDs
  + pengine: Distinguish between the agent being missing and something the agent needs being missing
  + remote: Properly version the remote connection protocol

### Changes since Pacemaker-1.1.10

  +  Bug rhbz#1011618 - Consistently use 'Slave' as the role for unpromoted master/slave resources
  +  Bug rhbz#1057697 - Use native DBus library for systemd and upstart support to avoid problematic use of threads
  + attrd: Any variable called 'cluster' makes the daemon crash before reaching main()
  + attrd: Avoid infinite write loop for unknown peers
  + attrd: Drop all attributes for peers that left the cluster
  + attrd: Give remote-nodes ability to set attributes with attrd
  + attrd: Prevent inflation of attribute dampen intervals
  + attrd: Support SI units for attribute dampening
  + Bug cl#5171 - pengine: Don't prevent clones from running due to dependant resources
  + Bug cl#5179 - Corosync: Attempt to retrieve a peer's node name if it is not already known
  + Bug cl#5181 - corosync: Ensure node IDs are written to the CIB as unsigned integers
  + Bug rhbz#902407 - crm_resource: Handle --ban for master/slave resources as advertised
  + cib: Correctly check for archived configuration files
  + cib: Correctly log short-form xml diffs
  + cib: Fix remote cib based on TLS
  + cibadmin: Report errors during sign-off
  + cli: Do not enabled blackbox for cli tools
  + cluster: Fix segfault on removing a node
  + cman: Do not start pacemaker if cman startup fails
  + cman: Start clvmd and friends from the init script if enabled
  + Command-line tools should stop after an assertion failure
  + controld: Use the correct variant of dlm_controld for corosync-2 clusters
  + cpg: Correctly set the group name length
  + cpg: Ensure the CPG group is always null-terminated
  + cpg: Only process one message at a time to allow other priority jobs to be performed
  + crmd: Correctly observe the configured batch-limit
  + crmd: Correctly update expected state when the previous DC shuts down
  + crmd: Correcty update the history cache when recurring ops change their return code
  + crmd: Don't add node_state to cib, if we have not seen or fenced this node yet
  + crmd: don't segfault on shutdown when using heartbeat
  + crmd: Prevent recurring monitors being cancelled due to notify operations
  + crmd: Reliably detect and act on reprobe operations from the policy engine
  + crmd: When a peer expectedly shuts down, record the new join and expected states into the cib
  + crmd: When the DC gracefully shuts down, record the new expected state into the cib
  + crm_attribute: Do not swallow hostname lookup failures
  + crm_mon: Do not display duplicates of failed actions
  + crm_mon: Reduce flickering in interactive mode
  + crm_resource: Observe --master modifier for --move
  + crm_resource: Provide a meaningful error if --master is used for primitives and groups
  + fencing: Allow fencing for node after topology entries are deleted
  + fencing: Apply correct score to the resource of group
  + fencing: Ignore changes to non-fencing resources
  + fencing: Observe pcmk_host_list during automatic unfencing
  + fencing: Put all fencing agent processes into their own process group
  + fencing: Wait until all possible replies are recieved before continuing with unverified devices
  + ipc: Compress msgs based on client's actual max send size
  + ipc: Have the ipc server enforce a minimum buffer size all clients must use.
  + iso8601: Prevent dates from jumping backwards a day in some timezones
  + lrmd: Correctly calculate metadata for the 'service' class
  + lrmd: Correctly cancel monitor actions for lsb/systemd/service resources on cleaning up
  + mcp: Remove LSB hints that instruct chkconfig to start pacemaker at boot time
  + mcp: Some distros complain when LSB scripts do not include Default-Start/Stop directives
  + pengine: Allow fencing of baremetal remote nodes
  + pengine: cl#5186 - Avoid running rsc on two nodes when node is fenced during migration
  + pengine: Correctly account for the location preferences of things colocated with a group
  + pengine: Correctly handle demotion of grouped masters that are partially demoted
  + pengine: Disable container node probes due to constraint conflicts
  + pengine: Do not allow colocation with blocked clone instances
  + pengine: Do not re-allocate clone instances that are blocked in the Stopped state
  + pengine: Do not restart resources that depend on unmanaged resources
  + pengine: Force record pending for migrate_to actions
  + pengine: Location constraints with role=Started should prevent masters from running at all
  + pengine: Order demote/promote of resources on remote nodes to happen only once the connection is up
  + pengine: Properly handle orphaned multistate resources living on remote-nodes
  + pengine: Properly shutdown orphaned remote connection resources
  + pengine: Recover unexpectedly running container nodes.
  + remote: Add support for ipv6 into pacemaker_remote daemon
  + remote: Handle endian changes between client and server and improve forward compatibility
  + services: Fixes segfault associated with cancelling in-flight recurring operations.
  + services: Reset the scheduling policy and priority for lrmd's children without replying on SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK

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