[Pacemaker] [pacemaker] 1 resource on each node

Loick Pelet lpelet at inverse.ca
Tue Feb 4 08:06:34 EST 2014

Hi folks,

I have two servers configured in HA with corosync/pacemaker and 2 resources,
the first is a MySQL database and the second is Suricata.
Because of the load, I need to make the database running on the first node
and Suricata on the second one.
And if there is a fail-over I need that resources move on the other node and
if it left only one node, I want sacrifice Suricata

I have read some manual pages but I did not find any colocation rule or any
resource type that can make two resources running on oposite cluster node.

If anyone has an idea to help me, thank you in advance.


lpelet at inverse.ca :: +1.514.447.4918 (x130) :: www.inverse.ca
Inverse inc. :: Leaders behind SOGo (www.sogo.nu) and PacketFence (www.packetfence.org)
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