[Pacemaker] fencing for two node cluster with VIP

Parveen Jain parveenjain at live.com
Sun Feb 2 00:54:39 EST 2014

Hi All,

   I was trying to configure
a two node cluster with following services:

1)     Configured the VIP for both the nodes.

2)     Configured service in the form of ocf:heartbeat:app

app is my script for start/stop/monitor of my binary application.

Things are
working good and till this point I had not configured any fencing mechanism(I
kept it disabled). Can anyone please guide what all fencing resources I should
configure(name, properties) for such type of scenarios(where only VIP and app
is configured to use).
If anyone can guide me for any possible resources to read for configuration of these scenarios, it will be also be helpful.
Thanks in advance for any help offered.
Regards,Parveen Jain
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