[Pacemaker] Clustermon issue

Florian Crouzat gentoo at floriancrouzat.net
Fri Dec 19 04:02:18 EST 2014

Le 18/12/2014 16:21, Marco Querci a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I have a pacemaker + corosync cluster installed on a CentOS 6.5
> I have a resource ClusterMon with external_agent param set up.
> Before last pacemaker update the events notification to the external
> script worked perfectly.
> After pacemaker update to version 1.1.11, the ClusterMon resource
> continues to work but stop notifying to the external agent.
> I followed setup instructions found on internet but I can't figure how
> it doesn't work as expected.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Many thanks.

Hello, please paste your full configuration here please so we understand 
how you use the ClusterMon stuff.
Remember that on RHEL 6.x, SNMP support is not built in ; but that's 
probably why you use an external_agent. I just need to make sure by 
reading your configuration.

Florian Crouzat

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