[Pacemaker] Failed-over incomplete

Teerapatr Kittiratanachai maillist.tk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 20:56:36 EST 2014

Dear List,

We are using Pacemaker and Corosync with CMAN as our HA software as
below version.

    OS:            CentOS release 6.5 (Final) 64-bit
    Pacemaker:        pacemaker.x86_64        1.1.10-14.el6_5.3
    Corosync:        corosync.x86_64        1.4.1-17.el6_5.1
    CMAN:            cman.x86_64  
    Resource-Agent:    resource-agents.x86_64    3.9.5-3.12

    Topology:        2 Nodes with Active/Standby model. (MySQL is
Active/Active by clone)

All packages are install from CentOS official repository, and the
Resource-Agent is only one which be installed from OpenSUSE repository

The system is work normally for few months until yesterday morning,
around 03:35 UTC+0700, we found that one of resource is go into
UNMANAGED state without any configuration changed. After another
resource is failed, the pacemaker try to failed-over resource to
another node but it incomplete after facing this resource.

Configuration of some resource is below and the LOG during event is in
attached file.

primitive res.vBKN6 IPv6addr \
        params ipv6addr="2001:db8:0:f::61a" cidr_netmask=64 nic=eth0 \
        op monitor interval=10s

primitive res.vDMZ6 IPv6addr \
        params ipv6addr="2001:db8:0:9::61a" cidr_netmask=64 nic=eth1 \
        op monitor interval=10s

group gr.mainService res.vDMZ4 res.vDMZ6 res.vBKN4 res.vBKN6 res.http res.ftp

rsc_defaults rsc_defaults-options: \

Please help me to solve this problem.

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