[Pacemaker] run script when vip failover happens

Alex Samad - Yieldbroker Alex.Samad at yieldbroker.com
Fri Aug 8 01:49:19 EDT 2014


So I have taken a slightly different approach, I have taken ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2 copied it to ocf::yb:namedVIP and I have added in some code to 
1) check to see if named is running
2) reload when it adds/removes an ip address

All seems good except

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> Hi
> I have a 2 node cluster. I want to run named on both and have 2 vips that are
> distributed, but I don't want to stop and start named when the vip moves.
> But named doesn't automatically start to listen on the new IP address you
> have to do a reload.  So how can I attach a script to run when the vip moves
> to a node ?
> Alex
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