[Pacemaker] pacemaker-remote container as a clone resource

Patrick Hemmer pacemaker at feystorm.net
Sun Aug 31 04:09:15 EDT 2014

I'm interested in creating a resource that will control host containers
running pacemaker-remote. The catch is that I want this resource to be a
clone, so that if I want more containers, I simply increase the
`clone-max` property. The problem is that the `remote-node` meta
parameter is set on the clone resource, and not the children. So I can't
see a way to tell pacemaker the address of all the clone children
containers that get created.
The only way I can see something like this being possible is if the
resource agent set an attribute on the clone child when the child was

Is there any way to accomplish this? Or will I have to create separate
resources for every single container? If this isn't possible, would this
be considered as a future feature?


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