[Pacemaker] Resource Agent Restrictions on opening TCP Connection

N, Ravikiran ravikiran.n at hp.com
Tue Aug 26 06:32:50 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Is there any restrictions on Resource Agent script that it shall not support any TCP connection opens.. ??
I have a script as below

executecmd="$FD<>/dev/tcp/localhost/$PORT"                           #FD is the lowest available FD and PORT is hardcoded port
eval "exec $executecmd" 2> /dev/null
echo $retval                                                                                                   #retval is always 1 irrespective of the TCP server running on localhost:$PORT

Although I see that I can connect to TCP Server running on localhost:$PORT using other scripts with same statements. I cannot connect as a ocf-ra.
So, I wanted to know is there any restrictions on my RA script.

Ravikiran N

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