[Pacemaker] Virtual IP migration fails to cleanup IP from failed interface

Arjun Pandey apandepublic at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 09:45:06 EDT 2014


I have a 2 Node(Active-Passive) mode cluster on CentOS 6.4
After setting up the cluster things work fine.

There are 4 resources (2 virtual IP's and my application (master-slave ) mode).
Additionally i have a constraint that virtual IP's are colocated with
the master.

If i bring the interface down using ifconfig eth1 down , migration of
virtual IP happens and the slave instance gets promoted. However the
address with the previous is not cleaned up.   If the interface is
again brought up, i now see the virtual IP associated with interfaces
on both the nodes. Should IP be flushed from interface  via migration


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