[Pacemaker] Why location can't work as expected

david.miao david at shannon-data.com
Wed Aug 6 06:13:00 EDT 2014

Hello everyone:

my tools version
pacemaker: 1.1.10
corosync: 1.4.5

I have 2 nodes node1 and node2, resource agent Test must running on node1,
and Test should not run on node2 if node1 is offline. So I do the 
following config:
location TestOnNode1 Test INFINITY: node1

If node1 and node2 are both online, Test running on node1.
But if node1 is offline, the resource agent Test will be switched to node2.
I think that doesn't obey my config. My question:
Is that pacemaker's feature? or I have missing some config?

I find the following config can work as expected:
location TestOnNode1 Test -INFINITY: node2
But I think that is not direct*.*


???? david

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