[Pacemaker] NFS concurrency

Schaefer, Diane E diane.schaefer at unisys.com
Tue Aug 5 10:19:51 EDT 2014

  I'm working with SLES 11 SP3 and pacemaker 1.1.10-0.15.25

I'm looking to define constraints that can allow multiple NFSV4 filesystem/exports to be started concurrently (they belong to the same LVM).  I also have multiple access points.  My model looks like this:

               |---- FS1 ------ Exportfs1
               |----FS2 -------Exportfs2
               |----FSn -------Exportfsn
              rootfs---LVM1-- |---IP1

Essentially, rootfs starts first and then the LVM.  After the LVM, I'm looking to start the filesystems and IPs next.  Once each filesystem is started then the export that belongs to it.

I'd like to do this since I'm using NFSV4 and the Gracetime and leasetime (I have set to 10 seconds) cause increasingly long stop times on failover.

I managed to define the above using individual colocations and order constraints, but was wondering if there was a more concise definition that would work.  My system may support many LVMs and many shares/exports per LVM, manageability may get out of control.

My constraints look like this:

colocation c2 inf: ( fs1 fs2 ip1 ) lvm1
colocation c3 inf: fs1 exportfs1
colocation c4 inf: fs2 exportfs2
order NFS-order1 inf: lvm1 fs1 exportfs1
order NFS-order2 inf: lvm1 fs2 exportfs2
order NFS-order3 inf: exportfs lvm1:start
order NFS-order4 inf: lvm1 ip1

The XML version is
<rsc_colocation id="c2" score="INFINITY">
        <resource_set id="c2-0" sequential="false">
          <resource_ref id="fs1"/>
          <resource_ref id="fs2"/>
          <resource_ref id="ip1"/>
        <resource_set id="c2-1">
          <resource_ref id="lvm1"/>
      <rsc_colocation id="c3" score="INFINITY" rsc="fs1" with-rsc="exportfs1"/>
      <rsc_colocation id="c4" score="INFINITY" rsc="fs2" with-rsc="exportfs2"/>
      <rsc_order id="nfssrv_order" score="INFINITY" first="nfsserver" then="root_exportfs"/>
      <rsc_order id="NFS-order3" score="INFINITY" first="root_exportfs" then="lvm1" then-action="start"/>
      <rsc_order id="NFS-order1" score="INFINITY">
        <resource_set id="NFS-order1-0">
          <resource_ref id="lvm1"/>
          <resource_ref id="fs1"/>
          <resource_ref id="exportfs1"/>
      <rsc_order id="NFS-order2" score="INFINITY">
        <resource_set id="NFS-order2-0">
          <resource_ref id="lvm1"/>
          <resource_ref id="fs2"/>
          <resource_ref id="exportfs2"/>
      <rsc_order id="NFS-order4" score="INFINITY" first="lvm1" then="ip1"/>

Diane Schaefer
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