[Pacemaker] RHEL/centos6 - cman+pacemaker cluster with lots of resources - crash

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Wed Apr 23 02:28:35 EDT 2014

On 23 Apr 2014, at 3:59 pm, Nikola Ciprich <nikola.ciprich at linuxbox.cz> wrote:

>> ok. 
>> was there a reason you created two threads about the same issue?
> actually I started first one just to ask how to check values are properly
> set, I came to crash problem later, so I started another one.. sorry about
> the mess, I think first one can be abandoned...

The crash is actually a sanity check failing due to the values not taking effect:

#2  0x00007ffe28c44c4b in crm_abort (file=0x7ffe28c62d95 "ipc.c", function=0x7ffe28c63c10 "crm_ipc_decompress", line=856, 
   assert_condition=0x7ffe28c63110 "(header->size_uncompressed + hdr_offset) >= ipc_buffer_max", do_core=<value optimized out>, do_fork=<value optimized out>)
   at utils.c:1118

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