[Pacemaker] N+1 and equal priority resource groups

Igal Baevsky ibaevsky at marketfactory.com
Tue Apr 22 11:46:59 EDT 2014

Andrew Beekhof <andrew at ...> writes:

> Correct. 
> Given colocate(A, B, -inf), in order to find out where A can go, we need 
to know where B is (going to go).
> Even if we made it so that was no longer the case (which at a stretch 
might even be possible after all these
> years), there is still an implicit ordering from their order in the 
> Unfortunately the human brain is still significantly more intelligent than 
> What seems obvious to us is not at all obvious to it.
> Can all three groups run on all nodes?  Or just its own and the shared 

Ideally, I would want all three groups to be able to run on all nodes based 
on pre-assigned priorities(nodes might have different hardware specs).
What I want to prevent though, is a situation where one group is being shut 
down or moved to make space for another group. This is exactly what's 
happening now when all nodes are taken.

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