[Pacemaker] no-quorum-policy = demote?

Christian Ciach dereineda at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 04:14:18 EDT 2014

Interesting idea! I can confirm that this works. So, I need to monitor the
output of "crm_node -q" to check if the current partition has quorum. If
the partition doesn't have quorum, I need to set the location constraint
according to your example. If the partition gets quorum again, I need to
remove the constraint.

This seems almost a bit hacky, but it should work okay. Thank you! It
almost a shame that pacemaker doesn't have "demote" as a
"no-quorum-policy", but supports "demote" as a "loss-policy" for tickets.

Yesterday I had another idea: Maybe I won't use a multistate resource agent
but a primitive instead. This way, I will start the resource outside of
pacemaker and let the start-action of the OCF-agent set the resource to
master and the stop-action sets it to slave. Then I will just use
"no-quorum-policy=stop". The downside of this is that I cannot distinguish
between a stopped resource and a resource in a slave state using crm_mon.
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