[Pacemaker] failed actions are not removed

Attila Megyeri amegyeri at minerva-soft.com
Fri Apr 4 03:55:25 EDT 2014

Hi Lars,

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> On 2014-04-01T14:41:11, Attila Megyeri <amegyeri at minerva-soft.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi Andrew, all,
> >
> > We use Pacemeaker 1.1.10, with corosync 2.2.3 and we notice that failed
> actions are not reset after the cluster recheck interval has elapsed.
> > Is this a known issue, or shall I provide some more details?
> What have you set failure-timeout set to?
> Are they just still being shown, or are they having an impact on your resource
> placement still too?
> If you can provide a CIB for this scenario it's easier to answer.

The failure-timeout is set to "2m", and the cluster-recheck-interval="2m" - but I included this in the previous email as well.
I cannot actually recall whether this has impact on the placement, or is it only an inconvenience in the crm_mon. I will reproduce a failure, and check this out.

What do you exactly need from the cib? I would not like to post the entire CIB as it has confidential data, and I would have to manually remove everything, but if you tell me which parts are relevant I will do that.

Thank you for your quick response!

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